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Global B2B conference 2024

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    Global B2B Conference 2024

    The Global B2B conference 2024 is your gateway to unlocking strategies for business growth ,elevating your brand amidst industry elites, and cementing Long -term brand success . Let’s craft your success story together.

    What makes the Global B2B Conference your ‘ must attend ‘ event in 2024 ?

    The Conference will

    Explore Brand Positioning-min

    Explore Brand Positioning

    Explore what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to both Brand positioning and GTM strategy.
    Latest Trends-min

    Latest Trends

    Update on the latest trends in B2B global ,creativity ,strategic planning and many more.
    Product Demos-min

    Product Demos

    Get access to the latest technologies or product & witness live demos.
    Spotlight session-min

    Spotlight session

    Engage in dynamic discussions, fireside chats, and creative sessions to share ideas and learn from peers.
    Attract the Next Gen Leaders-min

    Attract the Next Gen Leaders

    Attract the next gen leaders ,through mapping the changing dimension of creativity with AI revolution.
    Networking Opportunity-min

    Networking Opportunity

    Connect with like -minded professionals ,potential partners , industry insiders and marketing enthusiasts during network sessions.
    Focus on Trust Building-min

    Focus on Trust Building

    Focus on trust building - Becoming their brand : Parameters of loyalty for digitally-driven consumers. Assessing social licence for brand participation in cultural discourse.

    Key Topics of Discussion

    1. Industry Responses to the Evolving Consumer:
      • Socio-cultural trends shaping consumer behavior.
      • Strategies for future demand creation.
      • Value mapping of new-market partnerships.
    2. Creative Session - Mapping the Changing Dimensions of Creativity:
      • Impact of generative AI on creativity.
      • Role of personalization in marketing.
      • Strategies for maximizing internal creative teams.
    3. Product Demo:
      • Demonstration or presentation of a product related to GTM.
    4. GTM Talent:
      • Evolution and future prospects of talent in GTM.
    5. Positioning to Win:
      • Strategies for effective product and company positioning.
    6. Trust Building - Becoming Their Brand:
      • Parameters of loyalty for digitally-driven consumers.
      • Social license for brand participation in cultural discourse.
    7. Strategic Planning and Cross-Functional Alignment:
      • Importance of alignment for GTM success.
    8. Spotlight - Negotiating Skills for GTM Leaders:
      • Significance of negotiating skills for GTM leaders.
    9. Brand To Demand:
      • Strategies for driving demand for brands.
    10. Hack the Buyer Brain:
      • Exploration of decision science's impact on marketing.

    Why Global B2B conference 2024 ?


    Attend this conference and gain knowledge and insights from top marketing enthusiasts on changing the dimension of creativity to build next gen


    Generate more business opportunities and be where your customers and partners are . Develop highly engaged relations through firechat interactions.

    Hybrid platform

    Hybrid platform-min
    Utilize our B2B platform to develop strategies that quietly drive demand for your brand.

    B2B Match Making

    B2B Match Making-min
    This program pioneers a dynamic pre-show platform, empowering exhibitors, pre-registered attendees, and walk-in visitors to browse participant profiles and curate their event meetings.

    Who would benefit from this event

    • C-suite Executives: CEOs, CMOs, COOs, and other senior leaders seeking to gain strategic insights and drive marketing excellence within their organisations.
    • Marketing and Sales Professionals: Directors, managers, consultants, and specialists responsible for developing and implementing B2B marketing strategies.
    • Business Development Managers: Professionals focused on identifying new opportunities, building partnerships, and driving revenue growth through effective marketing initiatives.
    • Product and Brand Managers: Individuals responsible for managing product portfolios, developing brand strategies, and positioning products effectively in the market.
    • Market Research Analysts: Professionals involved in gathering insights, analysing data, and informing marketing strategies based on market trends and consumer behaviour.
    • Customer Experience Managers: Individuals dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention through innovative marketing initiatives and brand experiences.
    • Strategic Planners and Decision Makers: Professionals responsible for setting organisational goals, allocating resources, and guiding strategic direction based on market insights and industry trends.

    Key Sector

    Age Care And Retirement-min

    Age Care And Retirement

    Agrotech _ Agriculture-min

    Agrotech Agriculture

    Allied Industries-min

    Allied Industries

    Biotech _ Bio chemical _ Chemical Engineering-min

    Bio Chemical Engineering



    Cruise & Tourism-min

    Cruise Tourism

    Edu Tech-min


    Fintech _ Finance-min

    Fintech Finance



    Heavy Engineering-min

    Heavy Engineering

    High Tech-min

    High Tech

    Industrial Equipment-min

    Industrial Equipment

    Information Technology-min

    Information Technology



    Light engineering-min

    Light Engineering

    Medtech _ Health Care-min

    Medtech Health Care



    Metal Industry-min

    Metal Industry

    Utilities and Energy – Solar energy Renewable-min

    Solar Energy



    Why Should You Sponsor This Summit

    Act swiftly! Unite the Global and Indian Markets for Boundless Opportunities!

    Imprint your brand in the minds of our esteemed delegates. Be the Catalyst for Growth.

    Spaces are limited at the Global B2B Conference 2024.

    Our Vision

    To create a platform where industry professionals can share knowledge, explore trends, and foster collaboration in the dynamic world of B2B Global.

    Our Mission

    We aim to facilitate an environment where attendees can learn, network, and innovate their B2B Global strategies to drive success and excellence in their organizations. Let's shape the future of B2B Global together!


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